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We offer school tours from the third week in April through October 31st each year. Our experienced, trained docents are committed to education with a focus on History from the 1840's through the 1870's. Objectives for each school tour are determined by the grade level and the teacher's requirements. Primary for us is for each student to leave with an increased awareness of the concept of time. By visiting an 1840's settlement and learning of life before the Civil War, then immediately moving forward in time to the 1870's, after the War, the progression of time is better understood by the student. A hands-on approach is favored from the shelling of the corn to feed the animals to seeing the spinning and weaving of the clothes made of wool, cotton and linen.

Docent at Historic Collinsville

One of the docents is explaining to a group of children that they would have made all of their toys and brought them over the mountains with them to Tennessee. Their little chest holds corn shuck dolls, corn shuck mice, a horn glass, hair curlers for the girls and a sheep made of wool. The rare "Baby Tender" from the home of Sara Hale who wrote "Mary Had a Little Lamb" in Sterling, MA is one of their favorites.

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