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Historic Collinsville has established a new exhibit, The Irby-Bumpus Wildlife and Native American Center, featuring our collection of prehistoric Native American artifacts and a sampling of the wonderful variety of animals that have roamed the ancient forests in the Cumberland River Valley. You may just be surprised at some of the animals that once lived here.

owls bear skin
deer hawks

Did you know that....In 1893 the Clarksville, Tennessee "LEAF CHRONICLE" newspaper notified its readers that, "Gus Davis, who lives near Collinsville, on the south side of the river, came to the city this morning and reported an exciting experience with the largest wildcat ever seen in that country and perhaps the largest ever killed in the County."The wildcat turned out to be over 50 lbs and it's hide was over four feet long from tip to tip.

Did you also know that...from around 900AD to 1500AD, a Native American culture, referred to today as Mississippian, lived and thrived in this part of the State. They successfully operated vast agricultural settlements based on corn, squash and beans. They also developed a complex and highly organized society based on a ritualistic relationship between the people and the land. Their largest settlement at Cahokia in Illinois may have supported as many as 30,000 inhabitants.

The endangered species are exhibited by permit from the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency.

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